About EPC Solutions

A dedicated and innovative international team with over 100+ years combined experience offering viable solutions in:

  • equine hoof health
  • therapeutic farrier plans
  • pre-purchase hoof evaluation
  • performance farrier consultations
  • podiatry metron analysis for farrier plans
  • nutrition for performance and metabolic syndrome
  • connecting your local veterinarian with our international veterinary consultant                           focused on diagnostic findings and difficult pathological hoof cases 

Click on our Pictures Below to Learn More about Each of Us:

Sylvia H. Kornherr

Sylvia H. Kornherr, E.P.T.,  Equine Nutritionist

M. W. "Tookie" Myers,

M. W. "Tookie" Myers, D.V.M., Farrier


M.W. "Tookie" Myers, DVM/Farrier  
            2019 AFJ Equine Veterinarian              H
all of Fame Inductee

Carlene Myers

Carlene Myers, Trainer,
Trimmer, Administrator

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