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Equine Podiatry Creative Solutions partners in collaboration with your local attending veterinarian, horse-owner and hoof care provider towards resolving difficult cases in hoof and nutritional support and optimizing performance for all horse disciplines worldwide.

Company Profile

EPC Solutions - a very dedicated team brings over 100+ years of life experiences including skills and professional qualifications to provide affordable consults for difficult hoof cases. We focus in providing optimal farrier plan solutions assisted with equine podiatry technology via metron analysis & nutritional support. We collaborate care via a team approach working with your farrier or trimmer including coaching and education. We also support your local attending veterinarian by linking them with our international veterinarian consultant focused on resolving cases with difficult hoof pathology or metabolic challenges affecting hoof health.

Company Vision

Our Company Vision aspires to raise the bar in equine distal limb hoof health by offering up meaningful solutions. We also believe strongly in development of credible education modules that support the diverse hoof care industry and various health providers. We offer numerous individually or group tutored education modules.  We apply  forward, critical thinking to help advance the art & science of hoof care. We test and measure tried, true and tested traditional thought process and credible technique combined with latest current research, studies out in the field and develop tangible protocols that are repeatable and valid. 

Company Mission

Our mission is to improve the horse's quality of life across all disciplines by offering solutions that work to reduce or arrest progressive and inflammatory changes in the lower distal limb. Our goal is to restore horses to a more comfortable existence; increased health and vitality to realize their working potential and enjoy improved quality of life. We aim to encourage horse owners and the equine industry to adopt a pro-active vision- utilizing optimal skills, tool sets and increased knowledge base to recognize and identify various unsoundness' and/or subtle hoof changes early on - reducing reactionary and detrimental coping situations for the horse.


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Congratulations M.W. "Tookie" Myers, DVM/Farrier  
2019 AFJ Equine Veterinarian Hall of Fame

"It's all about teamwork"

  • "EPC Solutions is a team of exceptionally talented and competent
    equine podiatry professionals.

    Their attention to detail, analytical accuracy, and creative solutions
    to gain bio-mechanical advantage working with difficult, pathological hoof cases
    have proven a valuable resource to our centre.

    I would highly recommend their services to farriers & veterinarians."

    Martin Kenny, CJF, AFA Certification Examiner 1985-1989
    Founder, The Hoof Redevelopment Center, Carthage, North Carolina, USA

  • "EPC Solutions has excellent understanding of horses' hoof-related issues;
    keeps current with the latest techniques and research; works well with
    farriers and veterinarians to analyze and measure digital hoof x-rays;
    gives excellent advice for equine feeding programs.

    This team was responsible for saving my horse from
    becoming a "pasture ornament".   This horse is now blossoming
    into a performance horse, currently training and showing Prix St. George.

    Learn about new evolving research from EPC Solutions. Your horse will thank you!"

    Cathy Gordon, CEO Kicking Horse Media Web Design & Development Inc.

  • "EPC Solutions was extremely helpful with my horse. I contacted Sylvia Kornherr on
    a recommendation from a friend, because I had been having a lot of
    trouble helping my horse to gain weight. Before the visit, I filled out an
    extensive questionnaire about his health history and activity level.

    On the first visit, she did a full assessment of his body weight and condition,
    his feet, his current diet, and a hay analysis. Then she sent me a full report
    detailing what she had observed during the visit, explanations for his difficulty
    with weight gain, and exact recommendations for what to feed him.

    Over the next few months I followed those recommendations,
    and I saw great improvements in his weight and musculature.

    I was also able to discuss his progress with Sylvia, in order for her to fine tune
    his diet, and provide further recommendations. I highly recommend her services!"

    Isabelle Williams, Ottawa, ON

  • "Before taking the farrier course, I thought I knew a lot about horses.

    I quickly realized how much I still had to learn.  From anatomy to understanding bio-mechanics and studying the horses’ movements to basic nutritional needs.  

    This course covers it all. But it doesn’t stop there: the continued support and sharing of new information helps to keep me on my toes as I “forge” into this new career.  Well worth it!!!"

    Jeff Vigneault, Quebec, Canada
    Farrier at Balanced Hoof Care

  • "I attended the seminar Sylvia presented to the Ottawa Valley Hunt Club.
    Sylvia is obviously very knowledgeable and passionate
    about her research in the field of hoof care, nutrition and vet care.

    I and the other attendees, many being backyard horse owners
    were looking for information and tools to increase our knowledge
    to improve the lives and health of our horses.

    The presentation and delivery of her power point presentation was easy to understand
    - all in an environment that encouraged questions and empowered us
    to continue our own research to improve the well being of the horses we love.

    I highly recommend attending one of Sylvia’s seminars.
    The information she offers is invaluable."

    Sue Browning, ON, Canada