Healthy Hoof Balance and Mechanics

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   "The Importance of Phalangeal Alignment and Hoof Pastern Axis"

The above illustration portrays one example of a sound hoof with healthy hoof balance demonstrating bony column alignment, dorso-palmar balance, orientation of the coffin bone high within the hoof capsule, strong laminae connection, sole concavity and bio-mechanical configuration that offers maximum limb support, healthy circulation and minimum exertional forces placed upon the hoof.

In the balanced hoof, these soft and hard tissue parameters vary according to individual conformation and genetic variances. There are, however, certain bio-mechanical constants and researched soft-tissue parameter correlations that demonstrate enough consistency to formulate methods to observe and discern hoof balance as an aid to balance the trim.

We live in an age where we have the opportunity to accumulate and share volumes of useful information, strategies and techniques to assist in either maintaining or restoring optimal hoof health, soundness and comfort for the horse.

We have at our disposal, an abundance of knowledge and technology, scientific research and accumulated experience, to forever push forward, always looking and learning. We are constantly being re-defined by the vary dynamic expression of the Art and Science of Farriery.

Contact us to learn more with us as we expand on this topic to explore these dynamics and offer tools to aid the trimmer, vet, farrier and horseowner.

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