Sylvia Kornherr, E.P.T., IAPF-I, Nutritionist

Sylvia Rudy

Sylvia Kornherr, owner of EPC Solutions is an Equine Podiatry Technologist and Equine Nutritionist, specialized in custom programs for farriery and nutrition for performance horses, with over 20 years experience in recovering horses challenged with EMS, IR and PPID (Cushings). She completed The Equine Digit 6500 hours certification program under Dr. Myers in Equine Podiatry Technology and is a pioneer in Equine Digit, Distal Limb Hoof Balance Analysis and detailed farrier solutions for difficult hoof pathology. She provides consulting services, teaches podiatry radiograph procedure, metron analysis and offers farrier and trimmer courses internationally.

Her passion is fuelled out of a desire to share knowledge that is key to the vitality and spirit of the horse.

Sylvia Nemeth Kornherr continues her ongoing studies of hoof balance and bio-mechanics of the equine digit under the mentor-ship of Dr. M.W. "Tookie" Myers vet/farrier and Carlene C. Myers who provide consults worldwide on difficult pathological hoof cases out of their Virginia, USA veterinary practice as well as Washington D.C. and North Carolina.

She accumulates on-going education credits and has completed Dr. Ric Redden's 2009 and 2010 In-Depth Equine Podiatry Symposium in Versailles, Kentucky, as well as studying hoof mechanics tested under load and dissection in Vermont with Mitch Taylor/Kentucky Horse Shoeing School, and completed AFA recognized - Under the Horse accreditation. She attends the International Hoof Care Summit annually and is involved in various lecture series and presentations for both the IHCS and throughout North America. She is an avid supporter and active member of the AAPF/IAPF/CAPF.

Sylvia Kornherr was first introduced to balanced hoof care in 2000 consulting with Dr. Myers on unsoundness's in her own horses.

In May 2007 she introduced Dr. Myers to the Ottawa Valley where he mentored a large number of local Canadian vets, farriers, trimmers, alternate care equine providers, horse owners and nutritionists, sharing his expertise on understanding and applying the principals of balancing the equine digit.

Through their combined efforts we now have the availability to offer services to our community to team with local vets, farriers, trimmers and horse owners to better evaluate hoof health and provide farrier, trimmer and nutritional solutions.

Sylvia guest speaks on hoof balance, has guest lectured in affiliation with the college for veterinary technicians and has written hoof balance articles for the OADG, The Polo Post, The Fjord Magazine and quarterly reviews for Cinch-Up. She has co-published articles for the American Farrier Journal as well as co-hosted an international nutrition webinar sponsored by the AFJ. Sylvia Kornherr also contributed as  Body of Knowledge Committee member for the North American Guild of Professional Farriers. Some of her favorite mentors in comparative imaging and hoof bio-mechanics are Renata Weller and Thio Pfau of the Structure and Motion Lab, Royal Veterinary College, UK and Brian Hampson, Queensland Univeristy, Australia for his long term studies of feral hoof pathology.

Sylvia teaches basic horse owner barefoot maintenance between professional trim cycles and mentors farriers in Canada and the US applying therapeutic shoe packages. She supports farriers in difficult cases including laminitic, long toe/under-run heel cases, forward migrated capsules, low and negative palmar angles, hi-scale hoof distortions and pathology and develops various specialty shoeing and booting packages for creative therapeutic application when conventional farrier prescriptions fail.

Every year brings new challenges, new research to test, validate and duplicate. Sylvia is grateful and humbled to be accepted into a community of forward thinking professionals teaming together to continually raise the bar in quality hoof care. Come one, come all, and join us in these exciting times!

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