Introduction to
Balanced Horse Hoof Trimming

Barefoot and Shod Application

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Which hoof shape best matches your horse?

Hoof Types

Club Foot          Aligned Foot     Long Toe,Long Low Heel     Migrated Hoof Capsule      Negative PA

Of fundamental importance to hoof health, is horse hoof trimming that yields a balanced trim whether the hoof is barefoot or shod.

Barefoot or Shod.
There are several considerations to explore when considering the horse trim.

  1. Is there sufficient hoof capsule integrity and hoof mass that allows the trimmer to perform an optimal trim to correct and adjust areas of the foot to maintain hoof and limb soundness?
  2. Will the type of work and working surfaces dictate how the hoof will be protected? Is there sufficient hoof growth to counteract hoof wear? Does the work require safety precautions via external assist or support to prevent injury?

Hoof Protection
Protection comes in many forms. A few examples are hoof boots, glue on materials and shoeing packages.

Regardless of the assist used, the HORSE TRIM is paramount to successful maintenance and health of the hoof capsule and it's internal structures. Assists, are just that, an additional external assist to provide support to the hoof, when needed.

At the end of the day, it is the balanced hoof trim that sets the pendulum in motion, for long term stability and soundness.

Let us start with looking at optimal mechanics in the healthy sound hoof.

Horse Hoof Trimming -The Healthy Hoof

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