Thanks to all who participated and contributed to make the day so valuable!

Great teamwork with a great group of veterinarians and farriers from Ontario and Quebec to review a highly pathological case with 2 year history from x-rays, to venograms to cadaver dissection to teach us how to be better clinicians, critical thinkers and empowered farriers, veterinarians and care-providers.This difficult multiple-issue case was so well documented that we were able to draw some very strong data and correlations from the case review comparing diagnostic findings including bloodwork, timeline series podiatry x-rays and venograms to cadaver evidence over a 2 year data collection period to help pay forward and grow our knowledge base.

The day ended with a pot luck dinner, sitting around discussing our findings and good old fashion face to face interaction, good cheer and support for one another sharing some rather comical stories unique to our professions!

A special thanks to one of our clinicians-dissection guru Neil Daly for his contribution in performing precision dissections all afternoon.

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