Carlene Myers

Photo Carlene C. Myers

Carlene Myers was born and raised in Oregon where she began her love affair with horses at age 5, with her first horse CHARM.

She has traveled extensively sharing her knowledge and talents with us, her primary passion and focus on the quarter horse and western disciplines.

She moved her talents to Puerto Rico and Guam, where she established Guam's first Equine 4-H club with 70 members. There were no vets or farriers on the island so she became proficient with hoof trimming and health management and continued her training of horses.

She later moved to Georgia where she began green breaking young horses and teaching students and instructing at riding camps. She became involved in other breeds and disciplines, working with Arabs, Hunters, and then approached by a financial backer, she bought, trained and sold horses. She became a barefoot trimmer and managed various large stables.

In 1981, she married Doctor Myers and began a partnership venture where they trained, vetted and bred their personal stock of quarter horses and ran a breeding and foaling facility for clientele.

They later combined their veterinary practice with breeding and training and eventually expanded into their current mobile practice as Carlene moved into a more administrative position lending her expertise and running a highly efficient practice.

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