A Case for Analytical Thinking

This is a very good example of how to critique articles on the internet, how to look at the information disseminated to you and how to police commentary to develop your analytical skills. 

Often, valuable information can be gleaned, even through negative misrepresentation by partisan groups or when taken out of context, or simply when presented with incorrect data. 

Here is one such case where good data could be potentially lost in the noise and how to navigate through the rhetoric and hype. Our 8-hoof types illustration was hacked and posted on a private barefoot group with misleading critique, but a lot was learned from the process and hopefully the voice of reason prevailed so we invite you along this journey of critiquing and analyzing as a useful skill to develop.

Group posts by internal members were persuaded that the illustrated hoof types were misleading and inaccurate. The admin for the group posted her critique in the text column below the illustrations (see .pdf).

EPC responded to each critique with strong analytical analysis, reasoning and back up with actual x-rays to disprove inaccurate critiquing.  Certainly a great exercise. Enjoy.

We miss more by not looking, than by not knowing. Join us on our journey.