Testimonial References   Carlene C. Myers

I have known the Myers’ since 1989. With Tookie as the attending veterinarian, Carlene contributed her talents and skills as horse trainer/administrator/riding instructor and the firm hand of the practice.

Carlene has taught many on how to be aware of all things around you, so that when dealing with animals or other things not much will be missed. She was a person I have learned a lot from. She has a very “no nonsense” kind of personality that pushes you to be more that what you are or were. Excuses were unacceptable as was procrastination.

Tookie's veterinarian diagnostics were complimented with Carlene's holistic mindset and fine-tuned observational skills; how the horse stood, how they compensated in body stance and in movement including under saddle, and to look at detailed balancing of the foot, limb and body. Carlene is very proficient in her learning and teaching abilities.

Her awareness of “balance” in all things, from the hoof, the horse and the rider has taught me in doing the same. Now all I have to do is see how a horse moves by looking at the animal as a whole. You can even pinpoint to which limb the horse or even dog is lame on.

There is so much more to Carlene that doesn’t pertain to this site, but I am so thankful for having her and Tookie as my friends.

   Mary M. Goodwin                                                                                                                                                 Suffolk, VA, USA